Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a body weight exercise designed to correct structural imbalance, teaching you to move the way you are designed to move. By strengthening the full posterior chain and correcting poor movement patterns, you will maximize power, flexibility, endurance and find relief from chronic ailments. By including Foundation Training in a healthy lifestyle, we have the power to significantly improve our movement patterns and relieve many of our chronic ailments.
Breathe better, move better, feel better.

What we do…

Foundation Training was developed by Dr. Eric Goodman to address the root cause of back pain, but the benefits of establishing proper movement patterns can include everything from decreased pain, enhanced athletic performance, confidence, and overall improved state of well being

Young athletes are resilient; they may sustain an injury in their sport, but with youth on their side, they bounce back faster than adults. As someone ages, injuries can set them back farther and take longer to recover. So what is missing? Stability. While stability is a well known term, it is not necessarily well applied, nor a popular form of exercise. No matter what age, stability is something everyone can benefit from practicing.

Stabilizers are the muscles responsible for holding your body up against gravity and supporting joints, especially during movement. Without these muscles the body cannot move or hold itself properly. This leads to imbalanced wear of the joints and can cause pain. From a young age, children carry heavy backpacks and sit at a desk all day in school, this quite often progresses to a desk job, or perhaps a standing one, but whether it is sitting or standing, gravity pulls the body out of alignment and certain stabilizers can turn off. As the years go by, the joints wear down more and other muscles start to compensate and overwork.

Erin McCarthy

Certified Foundation Training Instructor

With my active lifestyle, most wouldn’t guess that I’ve been managing back pain since I was a teenager, when a spinal injury resulted in surgery. Thanks to my interest in wellness, a proactive attitude, and finding effective movement therapies, I’ve managed to avidly surf, perform physically demanding work and live a very active life. But a few years ago, the stresses of motherhood and a desk-based job seemed to overpower my ability to manage my pain. The tools I had used in the past weren’t enough anymore. Dr. Cartwright recommended that I try Foundation Training. Within two weeks, I began to feel hopeful that Foundation Training was helping. After eight months of consistent training, my quality of life transformed so much that I decided to become a certified teacher so I could help others. Like many other instructors, I wanted to share the benefits that Foundation Training had given me. I incorporate what I have learned through 20 years of surfing, swimming, practicing Iyengar Yoga, and managing back pain into my Foundation Training instruction.

In addition to Foundation Training, I have degrees in Zoology and Ocean Sciences. I also work with farmers to protect water resources. I am thrilled that some of the farmers I work with also practice Foundation Training! Healthy food and healthy backs – there is a strong connection here!

Please call the Wellness Center office at 831.460.9200 to schedule Foundation Training appointments with Erin. Individual, two-person, and package rates are available.